The Oklahoma Dance Film Festival is presented by The Bell House, with support from

the Oklahoma Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, Circle Cinema, and Living Arts of Tulsa.


The OkDFF mission is to present and foster the art of Screendance in its many varied forms: documentaries, choreography for the camera, gallery installations, and experimental short-films that emphasize movement.

By presenting a diverse collection of acclaimed films from around the world, and commissioning new works by local artists, OkDFF promotes the appreciation and creation of dance films within Oklahoma and surrounding states.

We educate our community through curated programs, discussions and workshops. We support artists by providing new opportunities for their

work to be seen, and offer monetary awards and recognition for films of distinction.  We feature work that would not be screened in typical cinema settings. While we value work that demonstrates artistic and technical excellence, we also support students and artists exploring the form.

The OkDFF actively seeks fresh, cutting-edge films and our programming 

reflects a global breadth of innovation and imagination.

Dance films create a bridge between visual and performance arts;

they redefine the idea of “moving-pictures” and

construct a new stage for dance.


Oklahoma Dance Film Festival

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